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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
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If anyone has corrections or knows how to play Slipknot, I'd
love to hear from you. Unfortunately, I'm losing net access
for the summer as of Saturday, May 8th. If anyone feels like
Snail mailing, my address is :
Doug Gaskill
75 Henry St
Manchester, CT 06040-3524

This is how I hear it....
Em Em
| | | |------------------|
|------------9 7---|
|-------/7 10---9--|
Em Bm A Em
|--------9 7---|---------------|---------------|--------------9 7---|
|---/7 10---9--|---------------|---------------|-45754---/7 10---9--|
(A) (Em)
Paradise waits.... on the crest of a wave, her angels in flame.

2nd time: |--------------------|
|---------------0 2 3|
(A) (Em)
She has no pain... like a child she's pure, she is not to blame.

Em F#m Em F#m
(high E) |----------------0 2|-------------------0 2 3|
Poised for flight Wings spread bright

Am Bm (Bm?) Em
|------------------9 7---|
|-------------/7 10---9--|
Spring from night into the sun.

Verse: (similar patterns)
Em Bm A Em
Don't stop to run. She can fly like a lie she can't be out done.
Tell me the cost. I can pay, let me go(?), tell me love is not lost.
Sell everything. Without love in the dream, insanities king(?).

Em F#m Em F#m Am Bm (Bm?) Em
I will pay, Day by day, anyway, lock bolt and key.

Em Bm A Em
Crippled but free, I was blind all the time, I was learning to see.

Cool Jam (I think it follows the verse pretty close)

Help on the Way. Well I know all of this, I got ya today.
Don't fly away. Cause I love what I love and I want it that way.

Em F#m Em F#m Am Bm (Bm?) Em
I will stay, one more day, like I say, honey it's you.

Em Bm A Em
Makin it too, Without love in the dream, it'll never come true.

Then it starts Slipknot about here....
|----------------------------| (Repeat four or so times)
|--------------9 7-----------|
|---------/7 10---9-------9 7|
|------------------10 7 10---|

|----9 7---?--------??????---|
|7 10------------???????-----|

Good luck....again, if anyone has it better, or knows Slipknot, please post
it :)